Corporate Relocation Services in UAE

We are HCMC, the Business Relocation company based in Dubai. We step in whenever businesses make that great move to a new location and ensure that the shift is efficient, smooth and within budget. The Office Relocation may be for any reason: a temporary shift due to remodeling of the current facility, expansion to a larger manufacturing/ warehouse premises; or moving machinery to another plant. We have a team of professional movers who are experts at handling such projects.

HCMC Corporate Relocation Services Expertise:

Human Capital Management Consultancy (that is the full form of HCMC,) is the leading HR Consultancy in the UAE and as a part of support to our clients, we offer International Relocation Services across the UAE.Over the years, our people have become professionals in moving goods and people so much so that the service delivery is noticeable in every part of the operation. This has earnt the reputation of being the Best Relocation Services in UAE from our clients.

Hallmark features of our service:

Office Relocation across the borders has aknack of turning to be unexpectedly complex operation.Mischief by weather, customs raising last-minute queries, and a host of similar reasons.The goods to be moved is a mix of sensitive components, high-value equipment or large volume goods etc. Some need extra packing protection while special vehicle may be needed to transport some other equipment. These kinds of exigencies will not fluster a professional expat relocation service company like us. Our service is marked by the following features.

Thinking on their feet: It may seem that patience is the right response when exigencies stymie an operation. But serene acceptance of delays will not solve business issues. Professional movers that our people are, they are experienced and are skilled in finding a solution to the problem. Most of the time, our people crack through obstacles and move your goods safely on time.

Relocation Services in UAE

Customized Moves:

Your business needs are vastly different from others even in the same industry sector. Why that, the requirements would vary even between branches of your own organization. Obviously, the movement strategy has to be customized closely to care for the goods to be transported in terms of packing, transporting, storing and legal formalities. We have extensive experience and gained knowledge while handling numerous international relocation projects. The insight helps us to anticipate the requirements and custom design the movement for your project.

Global Team for Relocation Services in the UAE:

We have developed a network of people in different parts of the world, a factor that helps to cut time, reduce costs and maintain service delivery excellence consistently. HCMC is truly an “International Relocation Services providerbut based close to you in the UAE.

A wide range of services with flexible options:

As already mentioned, each relocation project has to be customized to suit different need of each business scenario. Therefore, we offer a variety of services, e.g. dismantling and reassembly of machinery or equipment, packing, temporary storage, documentation, transport and so on. You are welcome to choose one, more or all of the services as needed.

Experience and specialized services:

HCMC has gained multi-faceted expertise while providing Corporate relocation services to different industries. While we manage mobility operations for every business, here is a brief list of types of business we manage.

Manufacturing Industries: Our teams organize dismantling, packing, crating and transporting plant equipment and machinery in your factories. Given that some of the equipment may be highly technical or sensitive, you are welcome to hire specialists (the manufacturer’s engineers for example,) with whom we can coordinate.


In coordination with your warehouse managers, our movers would inventory and tag the stocks and then pack the items. The meticulous record would come in handy if you need any item urgently while the stocks are in safe storage.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities:

Relocating healthcare facility is one-of-its-kind challenge. We have trained some of the teams in handling sensitive equipment, uphold hygiene, ensure easy retrievability items in case of emergency and maintain meticulous records. In fact, members of these teams have acquired a kind of specialist knowledge in handling hospital relocation.

Objets d’art and high-value items:

Some items are priceless. There can never be a replacement for a painting or an antique. Suppose you are loaning some such art objects temporarily to an exhibition or moving your entire collection to new premises. You will have to find a highly reliable, proficient and professional expat relocation service company for the responsibility. At HCMC, you can find such reliable people who are experienced specialists in moving such precious possessions.

IT Infrastructure:

You can call us IT industries own business relocation company. Our movers have acquired specific skill in moving entire network centers smoothly without any hassles. Given that crucial databases would be residing in the equipment, people moving it must be people of trust. You can depend on our team for confidentiality and reliability.

Response and Responsibility for Relocation Services in UAE:

What facet of a service provider do you welcome? Obviously, it is response, someone should provide you with appropriate information about progress of a project.At HCMC, we have made it a part of business strategy to keep regular contact with the customers. This effort has paid off and earnt us the “Best Relocation Services in UAE” badge from our clients. And, our mission is to continue to deliver perfect and prompt support.

We are open to providing a preliminary assessment (free of obligations.) Please reach out to us.

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