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The “Best relocation service provider in Dubai.” Our aim is to earn this recognition from our clients and quite frequently, we do hear clients saying that. There are three drivers behind this achievement. Our International Relocation Services are sharply focussed on customer needs; they are primed to be the industry-leading offerings, and the service delivery is always efficient and seamless.

Most importantly, our support is comprehensive. When your employees and their families need to move to Dubai or to anywhere in the other 6 Emirates from anywhere in the world, our Employee Relocation Services assist with all the aspects of moving and settling down.

Beginning with how relocation services are a significant part of HR strategy, here is a brief discussion on how we can help.

The need:

When you hire talent from around the globe, you will need to ensure that the new employees move in smoothly. How harmoniously they settle down to their new life in the UAE has a telling effect on the productivity and in turn on the success rate of your business.

Getting into the groove at a new place does organising quite a number of requirements, ranging from immigration formalities (visa for the family,) finding suitable residence, connection to utilities, admission to schools for the kids… the list can be endless. That is life.

While managing these tasks is not an impossibility, there are two issues. Firstly, it consumes a lot of time, gets to be tedious, more so when the person has to surmount an unfamiliar milieu, language, and rules. Secondly, the process calls for experience and knowledge of several areas like immigration laws, logistics of moving household goods across the borders, network with Dubai real-estate agents/ companies and property owners.

Expecting the new hires to manage the shift on their own or assigning the task to HR would most likely to result in excessive costs and delays. You may have an uncomfortable employee on hand, a situation you would certainly like to avoid.

As such, entrusting the responsibility to a Relocation Company in Dubai would be the right solution. It makes business sense financially, logically to delegate tasks to specialists. Further, given that such a requirement comes up but occasionally, outsourcing will eliminate burdening full-time HR staff.

As a leading HR consultancy, at Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC,) we have a dedicated team to provide relocation services to businesses in Dubai.

Our expertise:

Our team is mentored by a veteran of 20+ years’ experience in providing International Relocation services in Dubai. The professionals have acquired knowledge and expertise in anticipating and meeting the needs of incoming expats. The results are self-evident and reflect in the high level of customer experience.

A network in the important capitals of the world enables us to quickly provide a preliminary assessment the personal goods at the current home and the budget. When the time comes for the actual shift, the local team can organise the transport of the personal assets right from the current home.

All the while when managing the relocation, the services is delivered with a personal approach. The effort is to ensure that the new employees (and their family) find the new life at Dubai is a pleasant experience.It is actually an effort to reinforce the bond of belonging and thereby improvingemployee engagement. The scope of our support extends to the following aspects.

Comprehensive support and Flexible options:

As already mentioned, international relocation involves a number of requirements, and formalities. We offer a bouquet of services to address a particular need and flexibility to opt for one or more of the services. For example, a young couple may not require school search but may require club membership.

  • Dedicated Professional: We assign a senior team member and he/ she will be the single point of contact from the beginning until the family settles down. The employee and the family members will have the comfort of dealing with a “known face” throughout.
  • Shortlist of options: We have a close and long standing relationship with the real-estate companies and property owners in Dubai. And, over the years, we have developed a comprehensive database on public schools, and international schools. The Relocation Executive will gather expat’s requirements, match them with the availability and provide a list of recommendations regarding residential accommodation and schools. Your employees will find this short list quite handy as it enables them to take quicker and well-thought-out choices and minimises expenditure.
  • Orientation tour: This race trip gives the family an opportunity to become familiar with the UAE life style, culture etc.
  • Home search and school admission in Dubai:
  • Our relocation services executive organises accompanied visits for property viewing and arranges negotiation discussions with registered real-estate agents in Dubai, Similarly, he will accompany on appointments with the school authorities.
  • Documentation: The UAE law requires that all documents are translated into Arabic. The documentation service, we arrange for translation, authentication of the documents and certificates.
  • Transport for personal goods: In coordination with Logistics Companies, this service we arrange for transporting the personal goods and vehicles. This involves insurance, customs formalities, compliance with import regulations, temporary safe storage etc.
  • Lifestyle requirements:

Life is a pleasure but a demanding one. As an established Relocation Company in Dubai, we assist people in meeting many miscellaneous needs such as:

  • Utilities connections,
  • Temporary transport,
  • Hiring of furniture, home equipment,
  • Hiring housekeeping services,
  • UAE Registration of vehicles,
  • Club membership,
  • Employment for the spouse,
  • Language and cultural training programme,
  • Event management (organising business conferences, client meetings etc.)
  • Of course, the marhabais our favorite. Our Marhaba Executive will meet you at the airport and guide you regarding immigration and customs and arrange a taxi to the hotel.

It is our experience that relocation strategy is best planned at the earliest possible stage of the recruitment process. You will be able to budget appropriately and the new employee will be aware of the facilities offered. We would be happy to have preliminary strategy discussion (without any obligations.)

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