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In today's fast-paced world, businesses are always in the need to identify and implement growth opportunities.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are always in the need to identify and implement growth opportunities.

To this end, the most critical & perennial requirement is “movement”! Global mobility programs for corporates and employees are mostly driven by such growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, or simply the execution of new business strategies. To meet these challenges, an effective global mobility solution must consider several aspects like cultural, legal, political and organizational constraints.

HCMC offers premium & personalized global mobility and local relocation services that are at par and perfectly aligned with the business objectives of your company without compromising on the integrity of the relocation program. Our consultative approach starts by asking the right questions to understand your needs and thereon, create custom, high quality solutions designed specifically for your global mobility needs.

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Our offering is comprehensive and state-of-art with very little intervention required from your end. We have implemented truly “global” mobility programs for small, medium and large organizations in the past. As the fastest growing global mobility service provider in the UAE, we are fully committed to our customer-centric philosophy and to our mission, “We ensure a safe landing”.

Here is a brief roundup of the services.


Relocation strategy for corporates:

You will need to factor in Relocation Expenses in three situations. To discuss the last one first, moving an entire business to another location is a rare event and managing it depends upon situation at the time. On the other hand, hiring people from abroad or transferring employees within the UAE, to elsewhere in the Middle East or to a foreign location will be comparatively frequent requirements. As such, it will be good business strategy to have well-defined policies in place for these two relocation categories.

Employee Relocation Expenses are usually towards:

  • Orientation visit,
  • Visa/ Work permit
  • Marhaba service (receiving at the airport, assisting with customs formalities, airport transfer, taxi etc.,)
  • Transportation of personal goods (and temporary storage if required),
  • Transit/ permanent Accommodation (including legal formalities related to tenancy agreement)
  • Children’s Education
  • Assistance with housekeeping services, utilities connections, Maintenance services, hiring furniture and household equipment,
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Settling in support and cultural guidance
  • Spouse Career Support
  • Miscellaneous Expenses Allowance

Knotty Question:

Now comes what could be a trick question, the one concerning the costs. The rather intricate task involves customising budget for different levels of employees coming over from different countries and match their different lifestyles. You may end up spending too much or lose the opportunity of hiring talented people. Mere number crunching would not solve this delicate problem.

HCMC Global Mobility Solutions*

Our Mobility Professionals can help resolve the challenges faced in relocation of employees. HCMC’s global network can quickly evaluate lifestyle costs in the home countries, assess UAE/ Middle East equivalents and help in preparing cost-effective budgets. Going forward, the teams provide all the relocation services right from the orientation visit to settling in assistance; or choose those services you may need.

Whatever is your choice, the employees will experience a pleasant transition. And, you would have accomplished the relocation within practical budgets.

*HCMC Mobility Solutions is a special wing of the Human Capital Management Consultancy.

Relocation package plans for Individuals:

Have you opted for moving into or out of the UAE on your own?  Quite a number of people do for various reasons. While the UAE and the rest of Middle East are friendly places to work or do business, the initial settling in could test your patience. More so, since the new job leaves you with little time to fix up the dozen odd things.

Costs are likely (rather surely) to be more as you have to run around, tackling local rules, customs, and practices in an unfamiliar language while following up with different providers. Simply put, it will not be a wise choice. We can step in and make your shifting and settling in a happy experience.

How we help:

HCMC Mobility Solutions is a wing of the Human Capital Management Consultancy, the reputed HR Consultancy. Located right in Dubai, we have a strategic network spread across the globe. Whichever country you are moving from, you can rely upon our team to manage the end-to-end relocation needs. Just to give an idea, here are a few things we manage.

  • Initial familiarisation visit,
  • Marhaba service (receiving you at the airport, guidance regarding customs, airport transfer, taxi etc.,)
  • Transportation of personal goods (with optional temporary storage),
  • Transit accommodation
  • Assistance in finalising permanent housing, legal formalities related to lease agreement,
  • Temporary/ permanent vehicle,
  • Assistance with driving licence, club membership, Liquor Licence, housekeeping/ Maintenance services, utilities connections,
  • Children’s Education
  • Cultural Familiarisation
  • Guidance regarding Spouse’s career,
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