Employee & Family assistance Program

When relocating the employees, helping them to move to the new place

When relocating the employees, helping them to move to the new place and settle down cheerfully along with their families assumes considerable importance.

Our Family assistance package & Employee Relocation services provides strategic planning and thoughtful execution. You gain four significant advantages while relocating employees from UAE.

  • Manage relocation globally into or out of the UAE and rest of the Middle East
  • Accomplish the relocation at the right cost
  • Provide high comfort level to the transferred employees
  • The shifting is quick, legally compliant and smooth.
  • HCMC is the best Relocation Company in Dubai, UAE.

As a part of this personalised support for the employee and their family, we coordinate four aspects of the relocation.


Orientation Program:

Call it a recce trip, a trial run or a preview, Orientation Programplays a key role in putting the relocated executives in the right frame of mind. Accompanied by our relocation professionals,the employees get an idea of the housing, schools for the kids, shopping, cultural and entertainment avenues, in other words a clear picture of the quality of life they would enjoy.

The orientation trip is an opportunity for you, the employees and our team to brainstorm and arrive at a plan of action regarding accommodation, schools, vehicle and similar life needs.

Cost Estimation and Pre-Determined Budget before Arrival:

With needs analysis arrived at the orientation programme in hand, we prepare a detailed cost estimates. The estimates will help you to have candid discussions and firm up a pre-determined budget within which the relocation could be accomplished.


Employment Assistance for spouse:

Recruitment consultancy is a priority service at Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC.) As we have a well-developed network with leading employers across the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, we can help with finding an appropriate position for the spouse of the relocated employee.

Dos & Don’ts Guidance:

A thoughtful move will save the relocating employees (and you too) from unnecessary bother. Do inform the newly moved people a few dos and don’ts while in the UAE and other regions of the Middle East.

Here are some of the general tips about the Middle East lifestyle.

Appreciate the reason:

The governments in the UAE and other Middle East countries are firmly intent on keeping the region friendly and safe to do business and work. As such, all people are expected to respect certain official laws, cultural mores and traditional behaviour. And socially,etiquette is an important norm.

No exceptions:

Foreigners do not get special treatment. All laws are administered decisively and customs are followed uniformly. Violations attract definite, quick and severe repercussions ranging from heavy fines to imprisonment.


Be respectful of Islam, the ruling family and government. Avoid aggressive behaviour when dealing with authorities.

Social Behaviour:

Avoid public display of romantic affection. Do not use areas demarcated for women. Face the persons when speaking with them. Use only right hand to greet people, for giving and taking things from others. Do not show soles or point fingers when speaking.


Consume alcohol only if you have the prescribed licence and do so only privately or at designated places. Do not carry alcohol if you do not have the licence. Avoid driving after drinking even small quantity.


Dress conservatively. Avoid too short dresses, low necks and bikinis in public places.


Drive responsibly and only if you have valid licence.


Know that extra-marital affairs and living-in relationships are prohibited.

Employing staff:

Do not hire workers who do not have valid visa.


Since ignorance of the rules and customsis rarely excused,keep information about the latest rules and customs up-to-date. Contact Human Capital Management Consultancy for specific guidance.

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