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How happily the relocated employees and their families settle down to their life

How happily the relocated employees and their families settle down to their life in the UAE or other regions of the Middle East is important to them. Immigration consultants in Dubai for visa services

It is even more important to you, given that contented employees make that extra discretionary contribution.

This concept is the core value of our Destination Settling Services. The support is provided by HCMC Mobility Services, a specialised wing of the Human Capital Management Consultancy. The destination settling services are comprehensive and bring twin benefits; your employees experience a cheerful move and you will be able to achieve the result within a thoughtfully designed and cost-effective budget.

Here is a brief roundup of the services including Employee Relocation services Dubai

Moving Assistance (Employee Relocation services Dubai):

Our relocation professionals manage shifting of household goods, furniture, expensive items such as art collections and of course the loveable pets. The services include:

  • Pre-assessment of the goods at the employee’s current home and budgeting
  • Arranging insurance
  • Sturdy crating for household goods
  • Additional protective packing for high-value items
  • Guidance and assistance with documentation related to customs EPA and port regulations
  • Guidance and assistance regarding pets
  • Transporting vehicles
  • Temporary storage
  • Hiring of furniture home equipments etc.,

HCMC Tenancy Management:

Our Tenancy Management team help the relocating employees with finding a suitable accommodation and move into the UAE comfortably.  The assistance manages various aspects of the residence.

  • Needs analysis including locating the home and school for the kids as conveniently as possible,
  • Cost estimate for appropriate housing,
  • Short-listing suitable residences
  • Verification of the legal right of the owner/ representative to rent/ lease the property,
  • Accompanied visits to select the accommodation,
  • Guidance and help with legal formalities related to
    • Lease agreement,
    • Security deposits (to ensure that they are returned at the end of the lease)
    • verifying that the property has necessary permits and is free from tax/ community fees/ lien
  • Inventory of facilities and equipment and finalising terms regarding repairs and damage,
  • Availing utilities connections,
  • Coordinating insurance

HCMC Tenancy Management’s outcomes are simply this: You will be free of the administrative hassles and substantially save on costs, while the employees enjoy a higher quality of life.

Best immigration consultants in Dubai and Dubai visa services

Immigration Services UAE:

Taking care of immigration formalities of the inbound or outbound employees is an intricate task at the least. The ever-changing regulations, sheer volume of paperwork and the tinge of uncertainty is a ready recipe for stress. On top of all these, there is the very serious need to be fully compliant with the immigration laws.

To resolve these challenges, we have created a special team at Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC). The professionals have the up-to-date knowledge of the immigration rules, legal expertise and experience with the documentation to help you with Visa and Immigration needs globally.

The highlights of the immigration services Dubai, UAE include:

  • Assistance for Corporates and individuals,
  • Pre-screening of to assess visa and immigration eligibility,
  • Advice regarding required documents and assistance related to endorsement/ validation
  • Help with filling and filing Visa application
  • Update on the process,
  • Visa Renewal/ cancellation/ de-registration

The employee relocation can be a smooth process when you choose the HCMC- The Best immigration consultants in Dubai & Dubai visa services.

Education Assistance Program / School Search:

Children are the centre of the earth for parents. Naturally, the kids’ education easily tops the priority list when relocating. The Middle East including the UAE offers quality education through good international schools. The only challenge is to find the one that matches the expectations of the family coming over.

HCMC education assistance team steps in with:

  • Up to date information and reviews about the schools in the area,
  • Guided visits to the short-listed schools,
  • Setting up appointments with the school’s admission officials,
  • Assistance with related documentation,

The team focuses on making the school search as smooth as possible.


Concierge Services:

The first few days naturally will be a maze for the relocated employees and their families. What with language barrier, unfamiliar surroundings, a simple matter like hailing a taxi can be a pickle. And, those first days matter more for peace of mind.

HCMC offers friendly concierge services to take care of:

  • Interpreters (select languages)
  • Reservations for Restaurants/ hotels/ events,
  • Arranging local transport and porters,
  • Receiving/ despatch of courier items,
  • Coordinate repair of household items,

The concierge will be the go-to person for similar small things that matter most.

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