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Specialist driven relocation services by Best Relocation Company in Dubai & Movers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi – UAE

Welcome to HCMC Relocation Services in UAE

We provide International Relocation Services to Corporates in the UAE and to individual expats from around the globe.

By design, the services bring you twin advantages. While, you will be able to meet employee engagement goals exceptionally well, the incoming expat will find the crucial settling-in period to be pleasant and comfortable. On top of these two benefits, there is a third feature you would find valuable and practical.

Our well-knit network has a strong presence across all the principal capitals and offers the entire range of global mobility services. Meaning, you have the convenience of obtaining the entire range of relocation support from a single source. We can move in quickly and complete the assignment as per agreed timelines.

Immigration Services

Mobility Services Consulting


Relocation Policies for Corporates

You will need to factor in Relocation Expenses in three situations. To discuss the last one first, moving an entire business to another location is a rare event.


Relocation Consultation for Individuals

Have you opted for moving into or out of the UAE on your own?  Quite a number of people do for various reasons. While the UAE and the rest of Middle East are friendly places to work.

Destination Settling Services


Moving Assistance

Our relocation professionals manage shifting of household goods, furniture, expensive items such as art collections and of course the loveable pets.


Home Search and Tenancy Management

Our Tenancy Management team help the relocating employees with finding a suitable accommodation and move into the UAE comfortably.


Immigration Services

Taking care of immigration formalities of the inbound or outbound employees is an intricate task at the least. The ever-changing regulations,


Education Assistance Program / School Search

Children are the centre of the earth for parents. Naturally, the kids’ education easily tops the priority list when relocating.


Concierge services

The first few days naturally will be a maze for the relocated employees and their families. What with language barrier, unfamiliar surroundings

Employee & Family assistance Program


Orientation Program

Call it a recce trip, a trial run or a preview, Orientation Program plays a key role in putting the relocated executives in the right frame of mind.


Pre-Determined Budget / Cost Estimation

With needs analysis arrived at the orientation programme in hand, we prepare a detailed cost estimates.


Employment Assistance for spouse

Recruitment consultancy is a priority service at Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC.) As we have a well-developed network


Dos & Don’ts

A thoughtful move will save the relocating employees (and you too) from unnecessary bother. Do inform the newly moved people a few dos and don’ts.

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